5 Must-see movies on veganism


I am often asked where I found the information that made me decide to change my diet, change my habits and change my life. The first info I got comes mainly from movies and documentaries. It is with these kinds of bulk load of facts, studies and images that we are first exposed to reality and to the truth.

So here is my opinion on which are the important interesting movies for anyone thinking of veganism, or for vegans wanting to have a better understanding of the topic.

But, can wee trust these movies and documentaries? Are they reliable, trustworthy?

To know the reliability of a documentary or of a movie, we need to check if they mention their sources. These sources are reliable if they emanate from organisations or associations financed independently or multilaterally, and who reference and cite their sources. The United Nations and their internal organisations (FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization], the WHO [World Health Organization]), and renowned associations such as WWF are found to be reliable sources.

Some movies go as far as to offer all of their sources on a dedicated web page, which enables you to verify the alleged facts for yourself.

But without further ado, here are the 5 films I recommend when I want to explain veganism in depth to people.


1.     Cowspiracy

With humor and shock, Kip introduces us to the environmental impact of animal exploitation and the real culprit of global warming, water depletion, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, oceans deadzones, … What he uncovers is not what’s most disturbing, what’s disturbing is who is hiding the truth: branches of government, the food industry and environmental associations!

This is done with style and intellectual honesty, since the entire movie is very well sourced and accessible to all on the Facts page of the website of the movie.


[Cowspiracy on Netflix, Cowspiracy on YouTube]

Full movie :

This is the movie that made me go vegan. It is also the first movie I saw on veganism. All these numbers and facts render you powerless… until you understand, that everyday, 3 times a day, we have a choice to contribute to a better world with sustainable and environmentally friendly food… 100% plant based!


2.     What The Health

Kip Andersen chooses this time to introduce us to the link between explotation and consumption of animals and our chronic disease pandemic. What the movie shows goes beyond the unique link of animal product consumption and diseases and it uncovers the financial ties and the conflicts of interest between the pharmaceutical industry, the agro and food industry, the American health organisations and the government!

Kip keeps his sense of humor and of gravity during the entirerity of the movie, whether it is during interviews or during his incredible discoveries, no matter how bad! And, as for Cowspiracy, everything is well sourced on the site of the movie, on the Facts page. Some of the sources have been scrutinised and are subject to criticism, their free access will help you make up your mind about the specific studies.


[What The Health on Netflix, What The Health on YouTube]

Full movie :

What The Health is the movie that really made me realise and understand the danger of our current diet. It allowed to question my eating habits and change my vegan diet to a healthy vegan diet (high carb, low fat whole food vegan diet).


3.     Earthlings

Earthlings is a movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and music arranged by Moby. it is a cinematographic work which exposes all existing types of animal explotations on this planet: for food, clothing, scientific experimentation, entertainment (zoos and aquariums) and activities (domestication, horse riding, …).


[Earthlings on Nationearth]

Full movie:

This movie is the one that really made me aware of the universal and permanent use of animals. We use animals, animal products and their by-products throughout society. We are so used to it that we lose sight of the fact that we kill 2 000 land animals and 80 000 marine animals every second. Each. Second. This movie allowed and enabled me to understand the fundamental issue of animal and human ethics.


4.     Blackfish

This movie dives into the life of Tilikum, an orcan born in the wild in 1981, captured in 1983, when still a calf, by a company that transferred him to his first water park: Sealand of the Pacific. He was then transferred to SeaWorld Orlando in Florida where he lived until his death, at age 35. Tilikum was exploited for his sperm and gave birth to 21 orcas, of which 10 are still alive. Yet, Tilikum, unhappy being maintained in captivity killed 3 people… death long covered (called-out as accidents, or human mishaps) to avoid any scandal.


[Blackfish through Video on Demand on Amazon Prime]

This movie was particularly powerful for me as I used to love going to aquariums, water parks and zoos. I thought the animals in these facilities were happy, at least that they weren’t unhappy to be there. However, the last aquarium I visited really made me realise how sad these prisons are. That last aquarium had a beluga whale in an aquarium, circuling narcotically and bumping his head against the same wall every 30 seconds, and having the same pattern for the half hour I stood infront of his cell…


5.     Et l’homme créa la vache (And Man Created The Cow)

With a sarcastic tone and humorous approach, discover how man, through selection and breeding succeeded in transforming the auroch into our nowaday cow. This funny documentary refutes 2 fallacies: one is the tradition fallacy “we’ve always ate meat” and the other are nature fallacies “But animals eat each other in nature” and “it is natural for us to eat meat”.


[[Et l’homme créa la vache is available on Arte Video on Demand or to purchase]

I really enjoyed this movie! The chosen angle is very different from the other movies and does not aim at covering a whole section of veganism [environment, animals, health]. The goal is to show the reproduction process and the maximisation of the productivity of animals. It is both impressive and scary: it is hard to imagine the technicity and the scientific research needed to increase the productivity of a chicken from 15 to 300 eggs a year and the milk production of a cow from 3 000 to 10 000 litres. And at the same time it is hard to imagine the suffering these animals endure because of these modifications.


I recommend watching some more movies to better understand the fundamental importance of veganism.

Here are the videos and movies I recommend:


6.     La Boucherie Ethique – Parasites

Translation: The Ethical Slaughter

Full movie:

This is one my favorite movies for the absurd approach chosen by the director! This movie really puts in perspective the notion of extremism, often linked to veganism, in our modern society and what is considered cruel: a mutilation is more cruel than death, an amputation is more inhumane, awful and sadistic than taking the life of that animal.


7.     Land Of Hope And GloryEarthling Ed

Full movie:

Land of Hope And Glory is based on the movie Earthlings. The aim of the documentary is to show the standard & habitual practices of animal exploitation. All images have been shot in slaughterhouses and farms across the United Kingdom. The documentary is more factual than Earthlings. Here is the Fact page for Land Of Hope And Glory.


8.     H.O.P.E (What You Eat Matters) – Nina Messinger

Full movie:

H.O.P.E is a movie with a very enjoyable format. This movie goes first over health and environment before finishing with animal ethics. The statistics and studies used are relevant and well sourced., even having statistics on animal ethics, notably on how many animals are still conscious when bleeding out, conscious during the whole length of their death.


9.     Okja


[Okja available on Netflix]

Okja is the story of a charming creature which destiny is to optimise profit by increasing the mass of meat on the carcass. We follow Mija who tries to save her friend, half-pig, half-hippo from the diabolical Lucy Mirando, an auto-proclaimed environmentalist, aiming at mass reproducing Okja to maximise profit and minimise environmental harm.


10.     Forks Over Knives


[Forks Over Knives disponible sur Netflix]

This movie is entirely aimed at the health aspect and helps to understand the effect of animal products consumption on human health. It explains some of the science behind the reversal of some the most deadly chronic illnesses of our time.


11.     101 Reasons to Go Vegan – The Animals Right Foundation of Florida with James Wildman

Full video:

This video is centered on the reason why it is easy and natural for us to become and be vegan. Indeed, the video focuses on the cognitive dissonance of humans, whose values reflect compassion, altruism and humanism, but whose action exhibit suffering, pollution and death.


12.     Uprooting the Leading Causes of DeathDr Michael Gregor (NutritionFacts.org)

Full video:

Doctor Gregor goes over the different ways to prevent, heal and even reverse most of the 15 leading chronic deadly diseases in the USA.


13.     More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases – Dr Michael Gregor (NutritionFacts.org)

Full video:

In this video, doctor Michael Gregor presents the latest science in the field of nutrition to heal the majority of chronic illnesses inducing degeneracy and death.


14.     From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases With Food – Dr Michael Gregor (NutritionFacts.org)

Full video:

How to fight disabling sicknesses with nutrition? Doctor Gregor presents with humor and seriousness the importance of nutrition to heal 90% of the chronic illnesses killing us every day! Exemples and clinical studies backing it up, he focuses on the sicknesses linked to an excess of animal fat in our diet.


15.     Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet – Dr Michael Gregor (NutritionFacts.org)

Full video:

Doctor Gregor talks about his choices to prevent and treat illnesses even before their occurrence. Our food is our medicine and can prolong our life and quality of life! So what are we waiting for?


16.     The Judgement MagiCJacK

Full movie:

Following the decimation of the human species, a man, David Carnist, is chosen to be trialed for the crimes of his kind. He is judged by a rather peculiar court, led by the incredible and eccentric Judge MagiCJacK! David is asked to answer for all the acts of destruction and pollution committed on earth, all the animals killed and all the species gone extinct, but also the poisoning of the species to which he belongs: the human race !


17.     Meet Your MeatUnilad

Full movie:

This short movie, made up of many testimonies, is heart touching for its sincerity. Created by the biggest Facebook page (Unilad) when its creators realised the importance of a vegan lifestyle and the impact it has on animals.


18.     Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead


Full movie:

[Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead available on Netflix]

This movie is the one I would recommend to anyone asking themselves if a drastic diet can have miraculous effects. And the answer is yes! In this movie the protagonists only drink juices rich in minerals and vitamines and get to control weight and their disease.


20.     Vegan 2016 – The Film


21.     Vegan 2017 – The Film


22.     Vegan 2018 – The Film


All these movies are only the emerged surface of the iceberg of knowledge on the subject and to learn more, I invite you to read articles, do research on your own and look into books and clinical trials.

If you’d rather read, here are two articles that might help you understand the importance of veganism [backed up by studies] and the global impact of a plant based diet:

  • Veganism. This article covers the majority of environmental aspects and touches on animal ethics and human health. It more precisely sourced than all movies cited previously, all sources being indicated at the exact page.
  • My vegan dream and vision of a near vegan world [Not translated yet]. Here I go over the colossal shifts a massive transition to veganism would provoke on society: whether it is the drastic reduction in suicides, the reforestation of our planet, the end of water depletion, of famines and wars explained through statistics and numbers of my own making to imagine what the world would look like in… 2021!